Hello World

Published 2019-01-23 on Eskuero's blog

I decided that I would revamp the small presentation website I had on github pages time ago. It’s not that I disliked the old format, it was clean, ligthweight and easy to read. However there were some issues with responsive design on mobile browsers and no easy way to post content as if it were my personal blog.

Hence after considering a few alternatives I decided to try Hugo as my static page generator of choice. There were quite a lot of themes on the official store to test, but while some minimalistic ones caught my eye I eventually found them still bloated with either javascript or fonts. I decided that if I had to go down the route of modifying an already existant theme I would rather make my own from scratch. So I did.

Or I almost did, because in the end the deviation I made from a blank website was so little that it integrated just perfectly with the bare structure of an hugo site.

The result is what you are seeing, a two column design, a big one for content and another smaller for a sidebar containing contact info and other relevant links. At first I though about using FontAwesome to render the icons next to the info on the sidebar, but just loading the remote font increased the website size about a 10000%, from 2 to 200KBs. Unicode emojis are awesome as well.

To conclude this small presentation I must confess that I don’t even know what I’m going to post here, probably not all the content will be about IT, so it’s up to you the risk of subscribing my feed.